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Festival of Debate | Sex Work: Employment or Exploitation

In association with Festival of Debate, SheFest and The Women's Hub, are excited to host 'Sex Work: Employment or Exploitation?'

Although the sale and purchase of sexual services between consenting adults is legal, there are several debates and opinions on sex work, whether sex workers are exploited, the presence of sexual entertainment venues, or if sex work is even work?

We invite you to hear from a range of contributors representing a variety of perspectives and take part in an interactive discussion covering the law, impact and local agenda.

We expect differing views, but the event will be a safe space where respectful challenge is welcomed.

The event is free and hot drinks are provided.

This event is one of a number of events at the Festival of Debate on the theme of Fairness & Equality. Events in this strand have kindly been sponsored by the Making Sheffield Fairer Campaign.