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SheFest Saturday

SheFest Saturday workshops take place 10th March, 12pm-5pm, Crucible Theatre and Millennium Gallery

To guarantee your FREE place, book online at

Alternatively, call, text or Whatsapp the SheFest Hotline on 07379 846 626.

Adelphi Room, Crucible Theatre

12-12.45pm Introduction to British Sign Language and Deaf Awareness

Everyone welcome

Discussion based around BSL, Deaf Awareness and the issues Deaf people face. Learn to communicate more confidently with Deaf people in a relaxed setting.

12-12.45pm Finding your voice: An Introduction to Writing Poetry

Over 16s

Twitter: @Gevicarver

A taster session on writing poetry with award-winning poet Genevieve Carver. Suitable for anyone who is looking to find their poetic voice.

1-1.45pm Women for Peace: Hosted by the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace

Self-Identifying women only

Facebook: @timparryjohnathanballpeacefoundation

Twitter: @women4p

An interactive workshop and safe space exploring the important role that women play in resolving conflict and creating peaceful communities.

1-1.45pm Sexual Harassment – Know Where the Line Is: Hosted by Know the Line

Self-Identifying Women Only

Facebook and Twitter: @knowthelineSY

A safe space workshop inviting discussion around issues of public awareness, the challenging of sexual harassment in public spaces and the active bystander.

2-2.45pm How Money Works: Hosted by Genistar

Everyone welcome

Facebook: ‘Search Why Budget on Facebook’

A workshop designed to empower you to take control of their current finances, improve their long-term financial situation and budget for the future.

2-2.45pm What is 'Everyday Activism'?: Hosted by Campaign Bootcamp

Everyone welcome

Facebook: @campaignbootcamp

Twitter: @campaigncamp

An introduction to Campaign Bootcamp, the work they do with grassroots campaigns groups and a chance to reflect on and discuss your own personal activism.

3-3.45pm Preparing Yourself and Your CV for a Return to Work or Change of Career: Hosted by Rachel Vincent, CV Writer, and Karen Perkins, Career Coach

Everyone welcome

Facebook: @KarenPerkinsCoaching

Twitter and Instagram: @fabcoach

Practical career coaching support and CV writing advice to help you in getting back to work, or in navigating a change in career direction.

3-3.45pm The Confidence Continuum: Hosted by Left Luggage Creative Training

Self-Identifying Women Only

Twitter and Instagram: @Left_luggage

Designed for people who identify as 'not confident', this workshop aims to help you see yourself differently, rehearse new behaviours and find where you flourish.

4-4.45pm Becoming a Fearless Leader: Hosted by Textocracy

Over 18s

Facebook: @Elizabeth.Shassere

Twitter: @startupliz

Feeling like a fraud or out of your depth as a leader? This workshop will start you on the right path to regaining your confidence.

4-4.45pm Feminists Over Fifty; Where are We Now?: Hosted by Feminists Over Fifty

Everyone welcome

A chance to learn more about the Feminists Over Fifty organisation in a relaxed environment, with a quiz and facts about women in modern times.

Activity Room, Millennium Gallery

12-12.45pm, #PeriodPositive Zines and Craftivism: Hosted by #PeriodPositive

Everyone welcome, including supervised children and babies

Facebook and Twitter: @periodpositive and @Chellaquint

Find out how #periodpositive challenges period poverty in Sheffield. Then get crafting, break menstrual taboos and contribute to a fanzine to print and share.

1-1.45pm, Yoga Nidra: Hosted by Unity Yoga Sheffield

Self-Identifying Women Over 18 Only

Facebook & Instagram: @unityyogasheffield

Twitter: @unityyogasheff

Tense or anxious? Unwind with Yoga nidra or "yogic sleep", a deep relaxation technique bringing you to the nourishing state between wakefulness and sleeping.  

2-2.45pm, Krystalite Burlesque & Body Confidence: Hosted by Krystalite Productions

Self-Identifying Women Over 18 Only

Facebook: @krystalrougeburlesque

Twitter and Instagram: @krystalrouge12

A burlesque taster session involving different styles and techniques by professional burlesque performer Krystal Rouge and some of her Krystalites. Glamourous, sassy and empowering.

3-3.45pm, Thai Boxing Taster Session: Hosted by Sheffield Thai Boxing Gym

Self-Identifying Women Only


A short, comprehensive taster session with qualified female instructors. Release some stress, have fun and explore the different techniques used in Thai Boxing.

4-4.45pm, The Art of Bellydance: Hosted by Nisha Lall Dance

Self-Identifying Women Only

Facebook: @NishaLall.Dance

Twitter: @NishaLall_Dance

Gain self confidence and body awareness in this introductory class to the empowering Middle Eastern dance form of belly dancing.

To guarantee your FREE place, book online at

Alternatively, call, text or Whatsapp the SheFest Hotline on 07379 846 626.