Watch Them Fly

‘Watch Them Fly’ is a poem created by a group of self-identifying women who took part in a series of workshops called Exploring Women’s Power through Writing. These workshops were created to celebrate the production of hang in the Crucible Studio theatre and International Women’s Day.

The workshops were lead by Tchiyiwe Chihana, a Sheffield-based writer and activist, and explored themes of justice, choice, grief and vengeance.



I am not mad

Others feel exactly as I do

Trapped in the box society has tried to put me in

No, I'd be mad if I didn't kick against it and try to get out

Confident now that I'm not the one voice shouting out that it's wrong

There's an army of women who feel just the same

Let's carry on the battle

To challenge and inspire

Women have strength, courage and beauty

It is our unique quality that no man can understand

It is beautiful, powerful and amazing

Encouragement, acceptance and care

You are special to be able to share

Your thoughts and hopes with love to spare

I look around the table at some powerful women

Each survivors in their own right

Blessed with shared experiences

Thank you all for this amazing insight

I’m naked to bone

Running for home

These women’s praises

Carrying me there

To share is brave

Speaking up, but listening

Leaving proud and encouraged

Watch them fly

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