Addressing allyship in intersectional feminist spaces

Being present in that room suggests that some white men are interested in becoming allies which can only be a positive thing. However, someone who holds privilege cannot be a feminist and expect to be heard and centred in the fight for gender equality. That’s the point of intersectionality and, as we learnt in the panel; if it’s not intersectional, it’s not feminism.

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SheFest SheFest
The Women of Sheffield Showcase: A Review

Three different women telling us three different stories, but all sharing one vital message on identity. We are all individuals with our own identities and personalities and all unique in our ways; but we are also all women and there is a special kind of strength to us, no matter what happens to us and how many knockbacks we face, we keep going.

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Join the conversation

On Wednesday 7th March, Sheffield Hallam University will be hosting a conversation on sexual harassment with a special guest lecture by Professor Vanita Sudaram; a conversation that is vitally necessary.

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Katy Carlisle