What is SheFest?

SheFest is a not-for-profit organisation made up of local volunteers. Since SheFest began in 2015, we have been championing self-defining women's rights and gender equality through a whole host of inclusive events, activities, workshops, film screenings and more.

We organise SheFest to showcase women, empower women and provide a female fronted addition to the City’s cultural calendar. However, despite such creative events and opportunities, Sheffield is often sidelined by the big cities. We’re passionate that SheFest will become the northern capital for International Women’s Day as we continue to highlight and empower the amazing women that are based within our seven hills.

This year, we invite you to celebrate how far the fight for gender equality has come since the first women won the right to vote 100 years ago, as well as challenge the many inequalities still present today. While we often associate the suffrage movement with London and Manchester, Sheffield has the distinction of being the first known place in the country to form a women’s suffrage society – The Sheffield Women’s Political Association.

Our week long fringe festival for International Women's Day (5-11th March) features a wide range of inclusive events and encourages everyone (men too!) to join the discussion, try something new and have fun. Check them out here.

Join us as we reflect on the achievements of the past, celebrate the victories of the present and look towards the future as we march forward and #pressforprogress

One of the "top 5 ways to celebrate International Women's Day" (The Girls Are Magazine) and International Women's Day 2016: Best events, festivals and celebrations around the UK (International Business Times).

SheFest Upcoming Events

Watch this space for new events throughout the year.